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Rig Masters has performed various inspections and audits for numerous clients worldwide and for various purposes in the Oil & Gas industry. From our many years of experience we have developed a comprehensive inspection and audit plan which is followed by all our surveyors and can be modified to the client’s requirement.
Our inspection and audit methodology provides thorough verification of systems culminating in detailed reports and recommendations. We can verify what equipment is fit for purpose, in good operational condition and in compliance with international standards and requirements (API, classification, industry standards, etc.) In addition, client's requirements can be easily integrated into any of our inspection and audit programs and if required developed to suit a specific need.
Our Inspection and Audit services cover all types of drilling rigs (land and marine) as well as service vessels, and can be modified to suit the purpose required by the Client.
Inspections and Audits can be carried out for planned conversions from drilling to accommodation, drilling to production or any other purpose.
Condition and compliance audits can be performed on new units, operational units or stacked units.
Additionally, inspections can be carried out on individual items of equipment or full systems such as high pressure mud systems, solids control systems etc., giving the operator or owner confidence that the equipment is fit for purpose.